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About Us

ALS Consulting is a procurement outsourcing company with a primary goal to transfer experience and knowledge gained in the area of procurement to our clients and by that save time, money and assume the additional burden of client's human resources. Outsourcing is generally a very modern and widespread trend in the world economy. It firstly provides companies aiming to succeed a focus on their primary area of business, the core business. Procurement outsourcing is not a „black-white“ process unlike the simpler outsourcing processes. Procurement experts must be familiar with the company's business process in details, prior to transferring key activities.

Procurement outsourcing?

Transferring specific key procurement outsourcing activities - due to decreased business expenses or the company's intention to focus on its core business. Kraft, Unilever, British Airways, Vodafone, P&G are some of the world's leading companies offering this type of services at different markets throughout
the world

This is an ideal solution for companies which:

  • Do not have internal staff in this field, but have permanent or ocassional need to for goods and services purchase
  • Have internal eperts in the field of procurement but wish to engage external associates for specific procurement branches

Outsourcing procurement services are often used in order to simplify doing business and improve implementation and control of non-profit and additional activities within a company, or poorly controlled expense categories.

We are...

The only company in Bosnia and Herzegovina offering various companies focused on success services with full procurement of goods and services.

Company whose representatives have years of experience in procurement, have the necessary experience in international and local procurement procedures.

Company with clearly defined goals and business methods, also prepared to adhere with client's internal procedures.

Reliable and professional partner with the aim to ensure the best possible solution for you. We possess a database with over 1.000 different providers, both national and international

Advantages available for you...

  • Decreasing general expenses and free human resources
  • Minimizing capital expenses
  • Eliminating investments into fixed infrastructure
  • Focusing energy and personnel on primary/core business
  • Freeing management of daily small and serious problems of this business process
  • Saving on manpower and relevant expenses
  • Operational costs control
  • Increasing efficiency and quality of services
  • Dicreasing business risks...